The result of our work:

Satisfied with our work, the customer, who promptly accepted the specialist he needed and is ready for long-term cooperation with us. An efficient employee who has successfully passed the probationary period, is satisfied with his work, is result-oriented and has a desire to work for a partner company for a long time.

Our goal:

Contribute to the successful development of the partner's business by providing professional services. To provide an opportunity for professionals to successfully implement their knowledge and skills in the best companies.

Production and production goals:

Our values ​​underlie the relationship of production with customers, partners and society. GOALS: + systematic increase in production capacity. + Creation of high-quality competitive products. + maintaining an impeccable business reputation. + focus on long-term cooperation.

WE UNDERSTAND AND UNDERSTAND the specifics of our customers' business. Individual approach to everyone.

About Us

AndromedaSon is a young company that is actively and confidently developing in the recruitment services market, doing its job with high quality.

It is important for us to find solutions so that everyone achieves their goals. We are also developing our production of metal structures and mechanical engineering.

Industrial engineer work on site. engineer visit and inspection site engineer at industrial site.

We will select a specialist for you




CNC operators


we will select a specialist for your company


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AndromedaSon OÜ

Staff recruitment


We have qualified specialists.

Laser and plasma cutting operators


CNC metalworking operators


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